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Top Trends in Business Intelligence for 2017

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tendencias business intelligence

Top Trends in Business Intelligence for 2017

– Growth of predictive and analytical capabilities: A momentum is expected to enable larger data sets to be analyzed through clustered analysis, improving, among other things, flexibility and speed over data queries. To this capacity we must add the tendency towards the use of prescriptive analytics, defined as the one that is in charge of automating the decision making from the use of the knowledge obtained from the predictive analysis. According to Gartner by the year 2020 more than 40% of the companies will implement some kind of prescriptive analysis between their data, either through a System of Management of Rules of Business or with mathematical optimization.


– “BI selfservice”: The second of the trends in Business Intelligence for 2017 is based on the estimation of an increase in the integration of Business Intelligence tools in all the departments of the company, and in addition they will be more friendly and Easy-to-use, high-powered devices that will increase analytical capabilities. This trend goes hand in hand with Forrester forecasting at the end of the year, assuring that companies will invest around 300% more in the data analysis, which will lead to a specialization of the figure of the data analyst, becoming a Key piece of IT department and collaborative analysis.


-Evolution towards cloud computing: Growth is expected in the natural transition of Big Data and Business Intelligence to the cloud, which is on the other hand one of the largest data sources, and where the scalability, speed of processes And infrastructures of the company are less expensive.


– Increased integration of IoT: Increasing use of the number of wereables by the end user entails an increase of real-time data within the “Internet of Things” layer, generating the need to measure and evaluate These data, integrating them within the company’s Business Intelligence solutions to improve marketing strategies and behavioral analysis.


-Increase of the data-buying market: The latest trend in Business Intelligence for 2017 is planned around data brokers or “data brokers”, becoming the basis of the development of personalized marketing of companies , Partly as a consequence of the trend in IoT development and the need to integrate as much data as possible of users to offer a customized product according to their tastes and needs.


In conclusion, we can say that the integration of Business Intelligence and Big Data strategies will become the target of business environments in the coming years, in order to be able to compete in a market where strategic decision making and optimization of campaigns Marketing become the basis of the business.


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