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    The world in your hands, or in those you want to impact. We have experts in the development of mobile applications and in the integration of systems, information and processes. Dispose of your information, operate from your cell phone, react to the most recent event in real time, control your fleet or workforce, allow your sales force to operate and give answers to your prospects and clients at the same appointment, reach your customers with what they are interested in, and much more. We realize that great idea that you still have to make.


    Brand strengthening


    The presence of the company on mobile devices positions the brand, since customers and users can consult the app anywhere and at any time.

    Wide dissemination of contents


    The app syncronization with the social company networks improves the diffusion of the company and viralization of shared content.

    Push notifications


    Create a stronger relationship with your customers through real-time notifications, promotions, news, discounts, offers, surveys, etc.


    Telerik® DevCraft®


    Telerik® DevCraft ™ is a complete .NET toolbox for web, mobile and desktop development. The package includes more than 500 reusable UI controls for .NET and HTML5 technologies, as well as productivity reports and code quality tools. Support out of the box for numerous business scenarios ensures lower development cost, higher developer productivity and shorter time to market.


    A familiar API, similar to Microsoft’s, thousands of demos with source code and full technical documentation make DevCraft easy to learn and use. Support from the developers themselves who build the products and three main releases per year ensure that their projects run smoothly and are up to date with the latest trends in .NET



    More information: https://www.telerik.com/devcraft

    Progress® Kinvey®


    Kinvey is a fully integrated, secure and HIPAA compatible back-end application development platform (BaaS). The fully managed service frees you to focus on the application, not the infrastructure or DevOps.



    More information: https://www.progress.com/kinvey

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